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"Let's Go With Poppy and Mo, Let's Fly High"


Meet Poppy and Mo, two friends who love to explore and experiment in this 5 minute episode about flying and failing.



Mo: Ayesha Casely-Hayford

Poppy: Siu-See Hung

Director: Jemma Gross

Producer: Elettra Pizzi

Writer: Rachel Barnett-Jones

 Animation Director: João Carrilho

Storyboard Artist: João Carrilho

Character Design: João Carrilho

Background and Props Designer: Carmen Moreno

Character Animation: João Carrilho FX

Animation: João Carrilho & Maria Rosa Figueiredo

Compositor: Maria Rosa Figueiredo

Composer: Arran Glass

Engineer & Music Production: Ru Lemer

Sound Design: Ines Adriana

Educational Consultant: Mike Dennis

Design Consultant: Sam WIlde

Script Consultant: Andrew Barnett-Jones


Fly High was inspired by the stage show of the same name created and produced by Fly High Stories in 2019 / 2020 with funding from Arts Council England, artsdepot and commissioned by Singapore Repertory Theatre. Created by Jemma Gross, Rachel Barnett-Jones and Elettra Pizzi with support from Arts Council England, Covid Response Grant

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