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I am a Creative Executive, Childrens Animation Showrunner, Creative Producer & Development Producer and Theatre Director.


For the last year I have been Creative Executive for Moonbug on the 3d animation Little Baby Bum. I am also the Co-Creative Director of Fly High Stories. Since 2019 I have been expanding my practice digitally and am a recipient of a DYCP from the Arts Council to bring my digital and live work together.  I have over 40 productions (stage, screen, audio) under my belt. I direct with passion and wit and I specialise in working with new writing and developing writers. 

My previous work has been commended for my keen eye for visual style and energy flow both through individual scenes and pieces as a whole. I am an expert dramaturg and craft narratives both through text and visuals.  At the helm of a team, I lead by putting kindness and common sense at the heart of everything I do.

I take huge pride in that I was a founding board member of Stage Directors UK and I was a trustee for the Director’s Charitable Foundation for two years.  

I am driven by socio-political new writing and the need to make the world a better place for my child. What we need right now is joy and hope and anarchy. 

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