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Let's have a Pleasance Scratch!

Working with a new writer on a new adaptation or a new script is one of the joys of being a director. Brainstorming ideas, re-drafting pages, a seemilngly endless supply of post-it notes covering every item of your desk, are all part of it. But at some point you need to test your work out and ideally in a safe and nurturing environment. Lots of theatres now offer the opportunity to do just this, on a scratch night.

As the name suggests it is usually an evening of short excerpts of works from different companies, all at different stages of a project but who know they need to get in front of a crowd to get feedback.

I love working this way and many previous projects that have started at scratch nights, have led to full on productions. I am currently collaborating with Sumerah Srivastav

on an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s Victorian comedy set in modern day multicultural London and retold with characters from the Muslim and Jewish communities. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ISHMAEL.

We will be presenting this work in progress at THE PLEASANCE SCRATCH

on February 29th at 7.30pm and hope to see many friendly faces there who would be up for giving us some feedback on this exciting new project.

Full details and the line up for the evening can be found HERE

WHEN: February 29th 7.30pm

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