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Singapore Repertory Theatre  February 2020 (6 week run  cancelled due to Covid. Coming back to SRT 2023!)  

Director Jemma Gross

Writer Rachel Barnett-Jones

Composer Arran Glass

Designer Sam Wilde

Producers Fly High Stories and Singapore Repertory Theatre 

Cast :

Andrew Marko |Mo

Tan Rui-Shan | Poppy



Poppy and Mo both dream of flying. When they meet each other in the park they soon become friends and decide to embark on a crazy ambition of building their very own flying machine. 

Physical theatre, comedy, original songs, and puppetry create a whirlwind tour through the basics of aerodynamics and friendship. 


Writer Rachel Barnett-Jones, Director Jemma Gross and Composer Arran Glass are creating a new show integrating aspects of the STEAM curriculum, to create a dynamic, funny and lyrical performance.

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